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Year: 2005

Production Design: John Myhre

Design and Equipment Provided By: SGPS ShowRig

Key Grip: Scott Robinson

Site Foreman: Michael Garner

Rigging Key: Don Reynolds Jr. 

Rigging Best Boy: Al Castillo

Scope of Work:


The filming of Rob Marshall's Memoirs of a Geisha involved recreating a geisha district set in Kyoto, Japan on a southern California horse ranch. In order to provide accurate lighting a cloth diffuser, or "silk" had to be strewn across the entire 2.5 acre set. To achieve this record feat SGPS ShowRig provided two massive truss structures on either end of the replica town to support this silent grid. 


Fast Facts:


  • 800 Sections of 20.5" Plus Style Box Truss

  • 380 20.5" Corner Blocks

  • 250 20.5" Node Blocks

  • Over 1 Million lbs of Water Ballast

  • 108,000 Square Feet of Silent Full Grid

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