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SGPS ShowRig, Inc. has the equipment and experience to help your project succeed.

Since its inception SGPS ShowRig has been dedicated to finding solutions to the unique needs of the entertainment industry. All of our products were created out of the opportunity to make life easier for our clients while continuing to push the industry forward. We pride ourselves in our ability to analyze each project's requirements and provide the best equipment to get the job done. 


Setting Industry Standards

Show Group Production Services (SGPS) is a culmination of founder Eric Pearce's five decades of experience in the entertainment industry. 

Torrance Office.JPG

Eric Pearce (right) in Torrance, CA

Originally established in 1974 as Showlites, Pearce immediately began revolutionizing theatre lighting. He set many of the industry standards such as the "Par-Bar" and the use of multi-core cables with Socapex connectors. As concert touring grew bigger and more complex, Showlites became the go-to company for dependable touring gear. 

By the 1980s a new office in Los Angeles began providing staging (ShowStaging) and custom fabrication (ShowFabrications) to expand their presence in the field. Further innovations from Pearce included the use of modular aluminum truss and dedicated equipment packaging. The film industry also benefited from Showlites' custom products to improve efficiency in filming. 

In 2004 a Las Vegas branch (ShowRig) was opened to supply truss and motors to the growing convention and trade show markets. Today SGPS ShowRig has 7 offices across the United States and continues to provide custom staging, automation and rigging to the entertainment industry. 



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