Years: 2019-2020

Production Design: SRae Productions

Photography: Todd Moffses

Staging, Custom Video Pods, Automation, and Rigging by SGPS ShowRig


        KISS have been raising the bar for concert touring since the 1970s and their farewell End of the Road tour was no different. To achieve SRae Productions' design, SGPS ShowRig built 17 video pods with custom spiked fascia, a theme that carried through to the upstage video wall and stage surround. These video pods could be individually articulated to create various looks throughout the show and 3 of them were reinforced to allow performers to ride them in from the grid. 

SGPS ShowRig also provided a custom pyro riser, drum riser, performer lifts, lighting pantagraphs, zipline system, and performer flying crane arms. This massive production gave the audience the nonstop thrills that they have come to expect from a KISS concert experience. 


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