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Date: October 2019

Production Design: George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

Scope of Work:


For the 2019 Gulfstream G700 launch event SGPS ShowRig teamed up with George P. Johnson Experience Marketing to create a dramatic reveal of Gulfstream's newest flagship jet. The challenge became how to hide and unveil a 109 foot aircraft while building audience anticipation. 

To accomplish this unprecedented feat SGPS ShowRig built a series of retractable truss structures loaded with video and 1,000 moving lights. For the reveal these structures tracked in unison to nest within each other at one end of the hangar. 

Fast Facts:


  • Overall Dimensions: 60'H x 160'W

  • 5 nesting truss structures

  • 5,00 square feet of LED screens

  • Six 48' flat bed trailers for transportation

  • 4 days of load in, 2 days of load outs

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