Year: 2020
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Production Design: Stephen Lieberman, SJ Lighting

Scope of Work:

In preparation for the opening of San Juan's premier entertainment complex El Distrito, SGPS ShowRig was commissioned to design a winch to raise and lower a custom sign in the outdoor plaza. Some of the challenges for the project included space constraints and the harsh outdoor environment. Puerto Rico is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes and this was factored into the design. SGPS ShowRig was able to provide a system that was easily transported and assembled on site and that could withstand the unique tropical island conditions. 

Below: Artist rendering of the outdoor plaza at El Distrito

  Fast Facts:


  • Sign Width: 14'

  •  30 Custom Winches for LED Panels

    • Max Speed: 6 ft/s

  •  30 Rotating LED Frames

    • 1-2 rpm​

  • 6 Rotating Light Hoists

  •  6 Tesla Ball Hoists + 1 Center Hoist

  • 7 Faraday Cage Hoists


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