Date: April 2017

Production Design: George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

Cage Design: SRae Productions

Scope of Work:


To present the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the New York Auto Show, SGPS ShowRig worked with George P. Johnson to create hype around this exclusive drag performance vehicle. 

The Dodge Demon was positioned within a custom cage that was capable of driving the car on to the performance space. High definition video content displayed on the cage built further anticipation before the door hinged open to unleash the Demon. 

Fast Facts:

  • Inside Dimensions: 19.75' L x 9' W x 7' H

  • Cage Travel Velocity of 3.5 ft/s

  • Cage Weight: 3,000 lbs With Video

  • 4 Independent Drive Mechanisms

  • Servo Chain Hoist Driven Guillotine Door

  • Cage Outfitted with 72 Video Tiles


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