Date: February 2020

Production Design: Manor Hill Productions

Scope of Work:


For the eighth annual 7-Eleven Experience in Las Vegas, Manor Hill Productions recruited SGPS/ShowRig to add a few automation elements to the Brand Excellence Awards Reception. The stage design included 3 rotating LED video walls and a custom flying video cube. The video cube was covered on 4 sides with a total of 32 video tiles. SGPS ShowRig used a tracking winch system that allowed the cube to lift and lower as it traveled nearly 100 ft upstage to downstage. 

Fast Facts:


  • Cube Dimensions: 82in x 82in Faces

  • Cube Weight With Video: 800 lbs

  • (3) 6' Diameter Revolves 

  • 5' x 16' Rotating Video Walls

  • 116' of Track Truss


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